12th Conference in Hong Kong, 2006


Dates November 23-24, 2006
Location Hong Kong, China
Host Organization The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Participating countries Hong Kong / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia
Theme 1.Macroeconomic Review and Outlook
(1) Main Macroeconomic Indicators
(2) Economic Outlook in the future
2.Trends in the Construction Industry
(1) Continuing Downward Trend in Construction Investment
3.Sources of Funds
4.Banking Sector and Capital Markets
(1) Scale of Construction-Related Commercial Bank Loans
(2) Market Capitalization of Real Estate and Construction Company
(3) Securitization of Real Estate
5. Investment Opportunities
(1) Private – sector Building Works
(2) Privatized Public Building Works
(3) Privatized Public Infrastructure Works
(4) Comparison between Maintenance and New Investments in Various Sectors 5. Institutional Frameworks for PPP/PFI Project
(1) Overseeing PPP Programs
(2) Long Term and Short Term Strategies on Privatization
(3) Government Financial Support and Participation
(4) Applicable Laws and Regulations
(5) Operational Policies and Procedures
(6) Relevant Reforms in the Banking Sector
6. Case Studies on Financing Major Projects
7.Future Developments related to Construction Financing