14th Conference in Tokyo, 2008


Dates October 23-24, 2008
Location Tokyo, Japan
Host Organization Research Institute of Construction and Economy
Participating countries Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Vietnam /
Theme Theme A. Country Report

A1.Macro Economic Review and Outlook
(1) Main Macroeconomic Indicators

A2.Overview of Construction Industry
(1)Construction investments
(2)Construction Companies
(3)Employees and Construction Labor
(5)Construction Cost
(6) Import and Export of Construction Services

Theme B. Theme Paper
” Improvement of the Productivity of the Construction Industry ”

B1. Renovation of the Overall Structure of the Industry
(1)Observation of the Law
(2)Improvement of the Relationship between Contractors and Subcontractors
(3) Human Resources

B2. Improvement of the Management of Construction Companies
(1) Increase the Volume of Construction
(2) Cutting the Cost
(3) Reorganization of Companies
(4) Improvement of the Efficiency of the Execution of Work in Construction Site

Reports & Documents