15th Conference in Malaysia, 2009


Dates October 19-21, 2009
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Host Organization Construction Industry Development Board(CIDB) Malaysia
Participating countries Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia / New Zealand / Singapore / Vietnam
Theme Theme A. Country Report
A1.Macro Economic Review and Outlook
(1) Main Macroeconomic Indicators
A2.Trading Country
(1)Annual import and export
A3.Overview of Construction Industry
(1)Value of contract, expenditure
(2)Construction Companies
(3)Employees and Construction Labor
(5)Construction Cost
(6) Import and Export of Construction Services
A4.Construction Outlook 2009/2010
Theme B. Theme Paper
” Integration of Value Chain to Enhance the Productivity and Efficiency of the Construction Industry ”
B1. Consolidate the construction industry
B2. Standardization of administrative practices and procedures
B3. Increase utilization of ICT in construction industryB4.Management of supply chain

Reports & Documents