4th Conference in Japan, 1998


Dates Oct. 14-16, 1998
Location Tokyo, Japan
Host Organization   Research Institute of Construction and Economy
Participating countries Australia / China / Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia / The Philippines / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Vietnam
Theme 1. Overview of the Construction and Property market
(1) Macro Economic Review and Outlook
(2) Construction Market Review and Outlook
(3) Property Market Review and Outlook
2. Construction Industry
(1) Current state of the construction industry
(2) Major Construction Firms – Current State, Future Strategies
(3) Research and development in the Construction sector
(4) Bidding Systems
(5) Market access in the Construction sector
(6) Construction Industry Policy
3. Infrastructure development
(1) Current status, long-term plans
(2) Organization and funding of infrastructure development
(3) Tapping private-sector resources for infrastructure development
4. International Exchange and Cooperation in the Construction Sector
(1) What Japan can do to promote international exchange and cooperation
(2) International exchange and international cooperation – what Japan requests of other Asian nations
5. Panel discussion
(1) New types of private-sector involvement in infrastructure development
(2) Construction industry – problems and solutions – Structural change and deteriorating business
Site visits
  • Port area clean-up site
  • Road crossing over Tokyo Bay
  • Academia Park DNA Research Institute
  • New Makuhari city center
  • Mihamaen (Japan Garden)