9th Conference in Australia,2003


Dates Dec. 8-9, 2003
Location Sydney, Australia
Host Organization The University of Newcastle
Participating countries Australia / Hong Kong / India (Report only) / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia / Sri Lanka / New Zealand
Theme 1. Macro Economic Review and Outlook
(1) Macro Economic Review and Outlook
(2) Economic Outlook in the Next 5years
(3) Overview of Construction Industry
(4) Construction Industry Outlook in the Next 5years
2. Administration and Regulations of Construction Industry
(1) Structure and Role of Construction Administration
(2) Regulation on Construction Market Access
(3) Management System of Public or Government Construction Projects
(4) Risk Management for Construction Projects
3. Enhancement and Development of the Construction Industry
(1) Productivity
(2) Construction Cost
(3) Policy and Initiatives on Construction Quality
(4) Development of New Technology in the Construction Sector
(5) Policy and Initiatives on use of IT in Construction
(6) Research and Development
4. Globalization of the Construction Services
(1) Government Policy on Liberalization
(2) Commitments in WTO
(3) Rules and Regulations for Participation of Foreign Contractors and professionals
(4) Foreign Participation in the Domestic Market
(5) Impact of Liberalization under the World Trade Organization
(6) Strategies towards Cooperation in the Asian Construction Market
Site visits
  • Victoria Park Project(Sydney)