What is AsiaConstruct Conference?

AsiaConstruct Conference provides a venue for exchanging information on trends in the construction economies and construction markets, as well as on the structure of the construction industry, construction industry policies, and major construction projects in the region of Asia. The first conference was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1995, and the annual conferences are held at locations around Asia.
Representatives from the various construction and materials industries in Asian countries are welcome to participate in the AsiaConstruct Conference, where they can freely exchange and share ideas and information concerning construction issues.

The Purposes of AsiaConstruct

To enhance the performance and quality of Asian Construction Industries by promoting mutual knowledge and understanding of each others’ strengths, weaknesses and progress and by identifying good existing practices .
To discuss and report on innovative and advanced ideas and technologies of potential benefit and application within Asian construction industries.
To regularly monitor the changing characteristics and performance statistics of the construction industries in Asia.
To act as a Pan Asian Network of Construction Industry Bodies, possessing a mutual spirit of friendship and a willingness to help each other with advice and information to further Advances in Asian Construction, as needs and opportunities occur.
To undertake joint studies from time to time of potential benefit to Asian Construction.

The Scope of AsiaConstruct Activities in fulfilling the Purposes

Normally, a 2-day Conference is held annually at which each country reports on its own experiences in relation to a Theme topic chosen by the Host country. In addition to its own paper, the Host organisation might optionally also invite other bodies/experts from within its own country to contribute papers to the Conference on the theme topic.
These reports are made public via the AsiaConstruct website.
Each country further reports on its Construction Economy Performance in the preceding year with Statistics and discussion of any Special Factors affecting those figures. These reports are also placed on the AsiaConstruct website.

The AsiaConstruct Membership

Eligible countries belong to the Continents of Asia and Australasia. Each country is represented by one organisation only. Membership applications from any adjacent region will be considered at a Leaders’ Meeting.
There is no restriction as to organisational type but there must be a prime interest in development of the Asian Construction Industries for the general good. Thus government development bodies, research units be they government funded, within a university, or otherwise funded are all eligible. Industry Associations are also eligible if they have the necessary skills and a desire to contribute to construction industry improvement generally.
AsiaConstruct welcomes new member countries. There is no upper limit to the number of Members.


In Europe, the EUROCONSTRUCT Conference, after which The AsiaConstruct Conference was modeled, has been held twice a year over 40 years since 1975.
The EUROCONSTRUCT Conference serves as a venue where the nations of Europe can exchange information based on an integrated data format about trends in their respective economies, and especially in their construction markets.
Participants at EUROCONSTRUCT Conference are 19 nations.